West Hill Unisex Terrain Electric Bike review

The West Hill Terrain Electric Bike is ideal for anything from the daily commute to work to exploring the great outdoors, hitting the downhill and jumps!

The pro terrain pedal assisted e-bike has the frame and front suspension of a professional mountain bike!

The power from the electric motor on the West Hill Terrain Electric Bike does not replace the power from you.

You will still be getting exercise, while hills are flattened out and headwind becomes a breeze.

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How much electric assistance you need is easily controllable by you from the handlebar mounted control panel!

Key features of the West Hill Terrain Electric Bike:

  • 3 levels of pedal assist – from low (for small hills or when you feel like pushing yourself) to high (for steep hills).
  • Front and rear led lights included.
  • 17″ aluminium alloy frame.
  • Weight 23kg.
  • 7 class Shimano TX55 Gear System – Front RST Omega Suspension Forks.
  • All Terrain Tyres.
  • Li-ion battery, locked into the frame and switched on/off with key.
  • Maximum speed: 25km p/h (e.U), range per charge: 60km, TUV German certification.
  • Minimal initial setup – easy in under 15 minutes.
  • Two Fitted Lights To The Front & Rear.
  • Complete with charger and keys.

Most other electric assisted bicycles have a throttle and allow the electric motor to be controlled much like a moped, so you can move with electric motor alone.

The downside to this type of electric assisted bicycle is the motor is constantly under extreme pressure and likely to burn out quickly, in the meantime, the battery will get you nowhere near as far on one charge.

With pedal assist you are adding to the power of the electric motor, allowing you to travel much further and also receive health benefits of light-moderate exercise.

With this pedal assist motor you are very unlikely to damage the motor because you are controlling the speed of the motor with the amount of pressure applied to the pedals.

One verified purchaser comments: ‘As someone who is touching 15 stone I wasn’t sure if it would shove me around, but it does. Makes hills a lot easier to travel up. Took about 30 mins to set up the bike but well worth it,’ another verified purchaser states, ‘I would recommend this bike for someone who wants the ease of use and maybe needs a hand getting up those hills!’


Lots of features and an excellent choice for those who need a boost going up the hills.

Average customer rating*: 4.5 out of 5 stars

*Correct at time of post first published.

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